Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oprah's Radio Show- Dr Oz on Toxins in Our Environment

As a working mom I have not been a close follower of Oprah, but I know many people are. A frequent visitor on the Oprah show for years has been Dr. Oz, who now has his own shown. I decided to attach the following link from Oprah's radio show where Dr. Oz and a writer from Newsweek have a brief discussion about toxins in our environment. Note how they mention our approach to toxins is the opposite of that of Europe, who when they feel a substances to be of potential harm, they remove it from their products, but in the U.S. we take the opposite approach and have to show that without a doubt a substance is having harmful effects (obviously that can only mean that people will suffer from those substances before we remove them, as it can take many years or even decades to do the testing necessary to realize those harmful effects). I know many people who ignore the discussions about the toxins in our environment. However, I know many people tend to pay more attention when discussions like this are reported by mainstream media. So here is just a small discussion...and Dr. Oz has a pretty interesting and helpful show if you care to tune into it; I was surprised when my husband said he watched it and liked it one afternoon he had off from work.

Oprah Radio: Toxins in our Environment with Dr. Oz

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